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Trident Pro Series – A Whole House Fan For Your Longmont Home

Quietcool trident pro series

Longmont homeowners love clean, fresh air, but during the warmer months throwing the windows open just heats up the house to unbearable levels. That’s where Titus Electrical and the Trident Pro Whole house fan come in.

Whole house fans are great for bringing the outside air into your home, which gives you a break from recirculated air from you’re A/C system. That break also gives your wallet a breather by not having to run your cooling system 24-hours a day, saving you money. Call the respected Longmont electricians at Titus Electrical and get your Trident Pro Series whole house fan today!

Why A Trident Pro Series Installation?

In every Longmont home, there is stale air, harmful pathogens, viruses, etc., that stay in the home for long periods of time because of poor air circulation, which, in turn, causes poor air quality. Most homeowners don’t even realize they have poor air circulation in the home, or how to correct it if they do. We have the solution: Trident Pro Series whole house fan.

The Trident Pro offers:

  • Maximum Airflow
  • Exceptional Cooling
  • Noise Dampening Technology
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Plus, More!

When you call us to start improving the air and health of you and your family, ask us about, even more, air circulation with an expert Mceiling fan installation.

Call your local Longmont electricians at Titus electrical to get your Trident Pro whole house fan and start breathing better today!

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For more information about our Trident Pro Series House Fans, please call 303-915-5771 or complete our online request form.