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Home Electrical Tips Safety When it Comes to Electrical Installation for Hot Tubs

Safety When it Comes to Electrical Installation for Hot Tubs

Safety When it Comes to Electrical Installation for Hot Tubs

Adding a hot tub to your Longmont home is a smart move to make. Aside from your own personal enjoyment, this helps to increase the property value of your home, making it a wise investment. However, be forewarned, there is a certain element of risk any time that you are combining water with an electrical element.

In fact, this is why it is of the utmost importance that you steer clear of attempting to install, repair or replace an electrical element for your hot tub as part of a DIY task. In all actuality, any electrical work should be left to a professional. This is not the type of field you can study by watching a couple of online tutorial videos and consider yourself qualified; better safe than sorry. The issue is that we are not talking about just causing damage, although that is also a very real possibility. When working with electrical components, safety is the main concern including shock, burn, electrocution or even fatality. So, when we speak of tips for electrical installation for hot tubs , bear in mind this means how your hired electrical contractor should be doing things, not as part of a do-it-yourself project.

Keeping Yourself Protected

It helps to be informed because, as a homeowner, you want to feel confident that you can keep your household safe. This includes adding features, like a hot tub. So it helps to be informed!

Above all else, only partner with a reputable and seasoned industry expert. At the very least they should have the standard industry requirements ? licensing and insurance. However, that alone does not qualify them as the best expert out there. Do your research. Look for companies who have been in business and/or have plenty of industry experience to back them up. Even if a company offers a discount, there is no financial compensation that can make up for your personal safety and well-being.

The size of the hot tub you have will depend on the necessary amount of electrical supply needed. Smaller hot tubs only need about 120V while larger tubs require 240V. Connecting too large a tub to too small a supply will result in tripped breakers, blown fuses and other similar problems. Not only will this make it less likely for you to use your tub, you will be tired of flipping breakers and replacing fuses. If you already have hot tub and are experiencing this problem, call in a professional electrician to upgrade the circuit amperage or install a separate GFCI breaker for it.

Avoid having metal objects around your spa within touching distance, or less than 5 feet away. These items may become energized and when touched by someone in the pool, become grounded. Avoid injury or death by steering clear of having metal objects near the hot tub.

Want to know why it is not a good idea to work on your own electrical wiring? This is because shocks most frequently occur while under the tub, not in it! That's right, working on the wiring under the tub poses a bigger threat than something happening while you are in the tub. This is often due to foreseen instances, especially since hot tubs often go for prolonged periods of time when they are not used. Sharp edges damage wires, rodents chew through them or corrosion are are just a few examples of things that can result in unexpected damage to the wires, that can lead to serious issues.

Finding Reputable Help

Don't let all of this information scare you away from adding a hot tub to your property. They can be a great source of enjoyment, recreation or even provide necessary relief as part of rehabilitation from an injury. What matters the most is that you only work with a reputable company to help get the work completed.

Smart local homeowners know that Titus Electrical Services can provide the level of quality service needs. We take great pride in the work that we do, which enables us to provide safe results for our clients.

If you need a professional electrician in Longmont for Hot Tub Electrical Installations, call Titus Electrical Services at 303-915-5771, or fill out our online request form.