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What are Child Proof Outlets?

What are Childproof Outlets - Fort Collins CO

Child proof outlets, also known as tamper resistant receptacles (TRR), are a crucial safety feature for any home with young children. These outlets are designed to prevent children from inserting objects into the outlet, reducing the risk of electrical shock or burns. In this article, we will discuss the importance of child safety outlets and how Titus Electrical Services can help you in Fort Collins, CO.

The Importance of Child Proof Outlets

According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 2,400 children are treated for electrical shock or burns caused by tampering with outlets each year. These accidents can be prevented by installing baby proof outlets, which have built-in safety features that make it difficult for children to insert objects into the outlet. This not only protects children, but also gives parents peace of mind knowing that their home is a safe environment for their little ones.

Types of Child Proof Outlets

There are two main types of child proof electrical outlets: outlet covers and plug covers. Outlet covers are installed directly onto the outlet and have a sliding mechanism that covers the openings when not in use. Plug covers, on the other hand, are inserted into the outlet and have a cover that can be opened when the outlet is in use. Both types of child safe outlets are effective in preventing children from accessing the outlet.

Benefits of Upgrading to TRRs with Titus Electrical Services

Titus Electrical Services in Fort Collins, CO offers professional installation of tamper resistant outlets (TRRs) to ensure that your home is up to code and your family is safe. Our team of experienced electricians will assess your current outlets and replace them with TRRs in a timely and efficient manner. By upgrading to TRRs with Titus Electrical Services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Increased Safety

    The most obvious benefit of upgrading to TRRs is the increased safety for your family. These outlets are designed to prevent electrical accidents and give you peace of mind knowing that your children are protected.

  2. Code Compliance

    As mentioned earlier, TRRs are required by the National Electrical Code in all new and renovated homes. By upgrading to TRRs with Titus Electrical Services, you can ensure that your home is up to code and avoid any potential fines or penalties.

  3. Easy to Use

    TRRs are just as easy to use as regular outlets. The spring-loaded shutters only open when equal pressure is applied to both sides, so adults can still easily plug in their devices without any hassle.

  4. Cost-Effective

    Upgrading to TRRs is a cost-effective way to increase the safety of your home. The installation process is quick and affordable, and the added protection for your family is priceless.

Titus Electrical Services in Fort Collins, CO

At Titus Electrical Services, we understand the importance of keeping your home safe for your children. That's why we offer professional electrical installation of child proof outlets in Fort Collins, CO. Our team of local experienced Fort Collins electricians will ensure that your outlets are properly installed and functioning correctly. We also offer a variety of outlet covers and plug covers to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Benefits of Choosing Titus Electrical Services

By choosing Titus Electrical Services for your child proof outlet installation, you can expect:

  • Professional and reliable residential electrician Fort Collins
  • High-quality child proof outlets and covers
  • Customized solutions to fit your home's specific needs
  • Competitive pricing and transparent communication
  • A safer home for your children

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