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Electrical Panel Upgrades In Northglenn

Northglenn Electrician Electric Panel Installation

Do you know how long it's been since an electrical panel upgrade was done on your Northglenn home? Are you experiencing any signs of trouble like frequent breaker trips? Do you have trouble using several appliances at the same time?

If you aren't sure the panel needs upgrading, it's best to be safe and call a local electrician to evaluate it. Since all the wiring in your home runs through this panel in order to cut off the current for safety, an outdated panel could pose a risk for fire, shorts, or shock. We have performed many Northgelnn Electrical Panel Upgrades , so call us for your Northglenn Electrical Panel Upgrade .

If you know yours hasn't been upgraded and it's probably time, call Titus Electrical Services . We'll be glad to take a look and help you upgrade if needed.

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When To Get An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Old electrical wiring, components, and panels can be dangerous. Older homes have more problems supporting the load of today's power needs. If you have an older home, have your electrical system inspected. You may need more than a panel upgrade.

If you want to add a heavy duty appliance, whirlpool bath, or a structure like a hot tub, you may need to upgrade the electrical panel or have a dedicated circuit installed. Have a Northglenn electrician assess the condition of your panel every:

  • 10 Years For Homes
  • 5 Years For Rental Properties

Panel Upgrades Or Just Repairs?

There will be times when repairs are warranted. Panel repairs should always be done as soon as possible. Since only a trained electrician will know, let us advise you on what's best.

If you have difficulty running several appliances at the same time, you probably need to upgrade the panel. If the breakers frequently trip, appliances or electronics burn out, lights flicker or dim, or there are frequent surges, the electrical panel should be examined for a possible upgrade.

If you need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Northglenn, CA, please call 303-915-5771 or fill out our online request form.