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Electrical Troubleshooting A Fire Hazard in Dacono

Electrical Troubleshooting A Fire Hazard in Dacono

One of our customer needed some work done in there home that they just purchased. After our electrical install our electrician noticed a fire smell in the laundry room. He looked behind the dryer and found a burn mark in the dryer duct. A metal sheathed water line was laying on top of the duct and caught fire because it had voltage on it and was trying to go to ground through the dryer. We found that the cold water for the washing machine had 120 volts to ground. After troubleshooting we found the person who flipped the house tied several neutrals to ground in the electrical system. The home is 74 years old and has a lot of electrical issues including knob and tub wiring. If you ever buy an older home and it has knob and tub or aluminum wiring get a professional electrician to do a complete electrical inspection to help identify costly issues that may come up after the sale. The more you know before you buy the better.

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