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Longmont Electrical Panel Install Project - Titus Electrical Services

Longmont Electric Panel Project

Titus Electrical Services was recently given the privilege of installing a brand new electrical panel for this Longmont home. The owners decided that while they were changing the color of their home, it would be a good time to go ahead and upgrade their panel to increase the efficiency of their electrical service as well. The electrical panel controls the power distribution to your entire home and acts as the brain for the entire electrical system in your house. By breaking down the different parts of your home into separate circuits, it ensures that each section of your house receives a steady and even flow of power to cut down on the risk of shorts or overloading.

Not only does their sleek new panel help to more evenly distribute power to the different areas of their home, it cuts down on cable clutter, and helps protect the existing cabling from the elements more adequately. Square D materials were used in this upgrade so that our customer could be sure the materials used in their upgrade were the best on the market. We're absolutely certain that our customer will be enjoying the results of their upgrade for a long time to come.

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Longmont, CO

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